7-day detox plan: Raw garlic and honey- a perfect natural

What Happened When I Started Using Honey to Wash My …

According to the Mayo Clinic, hot water with honey can help reduce the soreness and irritation of a sore throat. Honey helps to coat the throat while the warm water soothes. This soothing and coating action also helps to reduce your cough, as coughing is sometimes caused by irritation from a sore throat.

9 Benefits of Honey Water You Never Knew.

1. Watch Your Weight Melt Away.

Have I stressed just how good honey is for you yet? Honey has amazing bacteria-killing properties. If you go for raw, organic honey (you should) it is full of enzymes (hello again digestion), vitamins and minerals that lead the front line against protecting against bacteria. One study presented at the Society for General Microbiology’s Spring Conference in Harrogate, UK found that Manuka honey may even help reverse bacterial resistance to antibiotics. Honey is also an antioxidant, which helps fight those bad free radicals that reek havoc in our body and on our skin.

3-Day Detox With Honey - Dabur Honey

In a nutshell, a body detox is a cleansing diet or fast that helps purge build-up toxins out of the body. It is practised by many cultures for centuries for the maintenance of good health or even overcoming of chronic ailments.

8 Types of Detox.

Many toxic impurities can penetrate into your body due to unhealthy living or the day to day pollution we are exposed to. These impurities can enter our body in the form of bacteria through external sources like food and water. Moreover, some of the impurities come from the body’s own processes in the form of by-products such as, ammonia, lactic acid, etc. Thus to keep your body free from these toxicants you need to practice a body detox process. In this process a full internal body cleansing is done that helps purge all the toxicants from the body. This process is practiced by many cultures for centuries to maintain good health and helps treat chronic diseases.