Black tea extract is sometimes sold as an herbal supplement. Sometimes, the supplement includes other types of herbs, vitamins, or minerals.

On further investigation, the researchers noticed that black tea and green tea affected the liver metabolism of rodents in different ways.

What It Does: In Japanese, wakoucha is translated to “red tea.” However, this caffeinated type of tea is actually a type of black tea, with similar benefits. If you’ve always been tepid on traditional black tea, you may appreciate the depth of flavor of wakoucha, which has quite a different taste than black teas from China or Japan. The flavor may have notes of chocolate and cinnamon, and the color has red overtones. Try: Nippon Cha Satsuma Koucha . A loose leaf tea manufactured in Japan for the past 400 years, this certified organic blend has notes of peach, pear, chocolate, and cinnamon.

Black Tea Benefits, Nutrition Facts and How to Prepare

As you can see when reading about phase I and phase II detoxification, it’s clear that not only is it important to reduce your exposure to toxins , it’s also important to make sure that your diet contains nutrients that support the liver during phase II detoxification.

The polyphenols found in black tea may help maintain a healthy gut by promoting the growth of good bacteria and inhibiting the growth of bad bacteria, such as Salmonella (14).

15 Best Detox Tea Recipes of 2019 for Your Body, Mind and Soul

One test-tube study looked at the insulin-enhancing properties of tea and its components. Results showed that black tea increased insulin activity more than 15-fold.

Phase I Detoxification System – this is first enzymatic defense against foreign compounds in your body. In this step of detoxification, reactive molecules are formed, some of which may be more toxic than the original compound. Phase II Detoxification System – this is the second enzymatic defense, which takes the toxins from phase I and further metabolizes them, allowing them to be excreted via urine or bile. Without this “phase II conjugation,” cell damage may be caused. Phase II detoxification requires cofactors that must be obtained through your diet.