480ml for Hot Cold Tea Detox Insulated Glass Water Bottle with Handle Lid and strainer.

Glass, To Last.

Plain old water has never been my favorite, but when I fill this infuser with slices of orange or cucumber, the bottle becomes a party.

Detox Water Bottles: ALARMING Benefits You Must Know

Best seller 2020 1000ml 600ml Pongdang Clear Detox Glass Water Bottle with custom printing.

Infuse your water with herbs like mint, or get the refreshing taste of lemon or lime minus the calories that come with sugared water for a healthy and refreshing drink. Cut and load up your water bottle with slices of citrus fruits, kiwi, mango, strawberries or be adventurous and combine them to make your very own fruit infused mixer.

Solhui Perfect Durable Fruits Lemon Juice Tritan Water Infuser Water Bottle For Detox.

Crush your fruit . Mush up your fruit if they are soft enough of squeeze them and put the juice and pieces together into the bottle. This extra step works really well with citrus fruit but other fruits may cloud up your drinking water and may not be for everyone. It just means that you get a stronger fruit flavour in your drink.

Hydration, On Hand.