The liver fortifying ingredients in this soup make it the perfect choice if you’re aiming to boost your body’s ability to detox. Some highlight ingredients include:

Detoxify with the best Vegetable Soup ever – perfect for nourishing your body and getting back on track after the holidays. This homemade, one pot soup recipe is loaded with healthy vegetables and herbs.

Southwest Chicken Soup.

Keto Soup Detox

No heavy cream here—instead, this keto soup recipe gets a naturally silky texture from fresh pumpkin and coconut cream.

Low-Carb Vegetarian Ramen.

Keto Soup Detox | Rapid Soup Diet Program - Keto Soup Detox


A major advantage of the Keto Soup Diet over the cabbage diet and other low-calorie fad diets is that the soup is not only a delicious keto-friendly recipe, but it’s also filling and satisfying. It includes low-carb root veggies like celery root, radish, jicama, and turnip, which offer a healthy alternative to the starchy veggies you end up foregoing on the standard ketogenic diet. And best of all, the soup is hearty, since it includes protein from chicken breast and bacon as well.

My preferred seasoning for homemade vegetable soup is Italian seasoning . It tastes great and saves time getting out multiple seasoning containers. And if your pantry is not fully stocked with every spice and dried herb under the sun, Italian seasoning is a good all-purpose option to buy.