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With the time of year that is upon us and our preparations for the summer months our attention is upon our appearance. From weekend boot camps to early morning fitness sessions, the race in on to look good and feel great. Perhaps we want to lose a few pounds or even a couple of stone. Either way it is tempting to be seduced into the belief that another type of fitness class or diet will do this for us. While it is correct to assume the role of diet and regular exercise in maintaining a healthy weight, in light of the increasing attention being paid by the scientific fraternity to the connection between environmental toxins and weight gain perhaps it is also time to consider the possibility that our environment is making us fat.

These toxins include chemicals in the form of pesticides, dyes, medicines, flavourings, perfumes, plastics and surface-active agents and are ingested with foods and contaminated water (fluoride), inhaled from polluted air and absorbed cutaneously via personal-care products. As a result of which the average person now holds hundreds of industrial chemicals in their body which is, in turn creating toxic overload and resulting in the immobilisation of our natural weight regulation system. Appearing to possess a fattening effect these dangerous toxins hinder our metabolism and appetite control, thereby causing weight gain. Indeed owing to the fattening effect of some chemicals, humans are not the only ones to experience weight gain. Certain chemicals are used to deliberately fatten up livestock for the purpose of accelerating growth, so guess what happens when the same animals are served up for Sunday dinner?

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