Based on these results, we speculated that a more suitable way to preserve a healthy and functional pineal gland is either to retard its calcification or to recover the functions of the calcified gland. As mentioned, several pathological conditions might promote the premature pineal calcification. However, the environmental biohazards may also contribute to its development. One of them is fluoride. It was reported that the pineal gland in goosander concentrates fluoride which is a water pollutant [290]. The level of fluoride in the pineal gland of goosander was 5-fold higher than that it in the brain of the animal. The similar results were observed in the aged human pineal gland. In addition, the high level of fluoride in the human pineal gland is positively related to its calcium accumulation of the gland [291]. Thus, decrease in environmental fluoride pollution may be helpful in delaying or avoiding premature pineal calcification. It was hypothesized that the lack of calcium salt crystallization inhibitors, such as pyrophosphate and phytate, would favor calcification [292]. Studies indicated that the phytate content in brains of healthy animals was 10-fold higher than that in other tissues [293,294]. Increases in the availability of calcium salt crystallization inhibitors would tend to protect against pathological pineal calcification.

The name “Activator X” seems like something out of a sci-fi film, but after doing a little research, I was intrigued.

What follows is a list of supplements with scientifically-proven benefits that support decalcification, toxin removal, and tissue renewal.

Price found that vitamin K2’s magic came alive when paired with vitamins A and D, two other fat-soluble activators.

8 Ways I Detoxed My Body From Fluoride (100% Scientific)

In addition to the supplements listed above, there are many foods that help decalcify and improve the function of the pineal gland, while detoxifying other parts of the body. These include: cilantro, tamarind, Goji berries, watermelon , bananas, honey, coconut oil , hemp seeds, seaweed, Noni Juice, garlic, Chaga mushroom, raw lemon juice. Pineal gland decalcification can also be gained by eating more alkaline foods. See a list of such foods here: Alkaline Foods to Help Decalcify the Pineal Gland .

(I used to suggest also another brand called Purblack, but it now uses nano particulates of gold and silver in its formation. So now, I highly recommend avoiding this brand and going with Authentic Shilajit.)

Cold-pressing unroasted cocoa beans make raw cacao powder . So to get the desired effects on your pineal gland detox, you want raw cacao , ideally organic.