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The orange drink recipe and beet drink recipe were used on day one and morning of day two, but then I focused on greens because I wanted to get away from the starchy veggies (carrots) and the sugar content in the fruit.

Absolutely. I'd like to try again in a few months, and maybe if I don't have something to prepare for I'll stick to just juices.

3-Day DIY Juice Cleanse (Recipes, Benefits & Tips

-Not as much energy as usual - I couldn't do a vigorous workout. I would imagine that if you are doing this during the work week, make sure that you either have an easy workload or have the type of job where you don't have to expend a lot of energy. I couldn't do this when I was teaching in the middle school.

The answer is simple. I would've liked to, but I a) have a hard time finding a variety of green bases for juicing here in Germany, and b) I needed to build my energy level back up because I'm going to an intense yoga workshop at the end of the week.

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I made a homemade ginger tea (so easy, post coming soon) and enjoyed that each night, as it's got a little spicy kick to it.

Pros to 5 Day Detox.

-Dealt with cravings. I didn't have withdrawals (which I talked about in the post last week), but I did miss chewing. I snack when I watch a show or when I read, and I missed crunching on something. I tried all natural gum (apparently that's "allowed" on a detox), but it pretty much tasted like cardboard.