Weekend detox plan: 5 desserts you can eat even when you

Today should be a "go light" day in preparation for the weekend. If you know you'll be throwing in the towel on healthy eating the next few days, follow Monday's plan (protein and non-starchy vegetables). If your weekend won't be so bad, stick with Tuesday's or Wednesday's guidelines. This will give you the essentials for a head start on balancing out your upcoming unbalanced eating.

Lunch: Vegetable soup with tuna salad, sliced cucumber, and olives; 8 ounces iced rooibos tea.


Weekend Detox Diet: Get Rid of All Poisons in the Organism

Breakfast: Cottage cheese or plain Greek yogurt with blueberries, almonds, and flax or chia seeds; 8 ounces water with orange slice.

Lunch: Grass-fed beef burger (no bun) with baked sweet potato fries with mustard and side salad; 8 ounces warm water with lemon.

Take a multivitamin, and at every meal pop a 1,000-milligram omega-3 supplement, which will help reduce the inflammation that can be caused by poor eating. (Talk to your doctor first if you are on any medications since omega-3s may interact with some meds.)


Today you can add healthy starches, such as legumes, brown rice, and sweet potatoes, at meals, but stick to a half-cup serving size. Your plate should be one-quarter protein, one-quarter starch, and half non-starchy vegetables.