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Home detoxification is often ineffective at building a strong foundation for sobriety. You will encounter many challenges at home that you will not handle well since you lack the expertise in dealing with them. Additionally, your family may struggle to recognize and help you deal with unexpected withdrawal symptoms.

More than 24 million Americans are struggling with addiction. Testing positive for an illicit drug can have serious repercussions. Addicts can lose their jobs, stress their loved ones, and ruin their reputation with a positive result.

Detoxicating at home may be an appealing option because of its many benefits. You can do it privately at the comfort of your home while cutting several expenses. However, there are other considerations that you must address.

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While these kits continue to gain popularity, few regulations govern their manufacturing and quality standards. Therefore, they are not safer than seeking help from rehab facilities.

Some manufacturers go as far as claiming that their detox kits help you pass all drug screenings. However, they fail to explain how they can do it. Many of the products do not take into account the withdrawal symptoms.

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You must seek help for these conditions, or they can lead to severe consequences. Addressing mental health issues at home is difficult. You need an expert to guide you and prescribe a treatment plan that will help you get better.

Journalists have conducted a few informal studies to test the efficiency of drug detox kits. One such research by a journalist examines the efficacy of cleansing kits in eliminating traces of marijuana in someone’s urine.

Choosing a Detoxification Kit.