When you eat a diet that is based on toxic and addictive foods -- such as salt, fried foods, snack foods, and sugary drinks -- you not only build up free radicals and toxic materials such as advanced glycation end products (AGEs) in your cells, but you also set the stage for feeling ill when you are not digesting food. Unhealthy food allows your body to create waste byproducts that must be removed by the liver and other organs. Only when digestion ends can the body fully take advantage of the opportunity to remove toxins. If the body is constantly digesting, it can't go through this detoxification process effectively.

Why can detoxification make me feel sick?

When detoxification begins, people often feel queasiness or malaise. Eating something restarts digestion and shuts down the detoxification process, making the bad feelings go away. The lower the nutritional quality of your diet, the worse you will feel if you try to stop eating food for a few hours. You will only feel normal while your digestive tract is busy.