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“A transjugular liver biopsy showed extensive periportal and perivenular bridging necrosis with moderate-to-severe mixed inflammatory infiltration, interface hepatitis, cholangitis, severe ballooning, steatosis and intracanalicular cholestasis,” according to the report. The patient was referred to a transplant center and placed on a waiting list but soon died.

The next step is to pick the Herbalife weight loss program that’s right for you. There are three versions to choose from:

What Are Some Side Effects Of Herbalife Products?

While these supplements contain many ingredients and claim to help with energy, metabolism, and weight loss, there have been no studies to prove their effectiveness.

The DocWire News article entitled “Herbalife ‘Scam’ Weight Loss Product Associated with Fatal Liver Failure,” published online November 25, 2019, referred to in the first paragraph and elsewhere a case report published in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hepatology that has since been removed by its publisher (Elsevier) for legal reasons following a complaint from Herbalife. According to a notice from Herbalife counsel, the “[…] article has been removed by Elsevier BV the publisher following a complaint by us [Herbalife] that the article is untrue and defamatory.” According to Elsevier’s article withdrawal policy, “[…] removal of an article from the online database will only occur ‘where the article is clearly defamatory, or infringes others’ legal rights, or where the article is, or we have good reason to expect it will be, the subject of a court order, or where the article, if acted upon, might pose a serious health risk.'” DocWire News and other online media outlets have reported on the case report in question, which was widely reported on in 2019. According to Elsevier, “the article, which was published in the March-April 2019 issue of the journal, has been removed for legal reasons. However the decision to remove the article does not imply admission of any allegation made about the article by any party.”

9 Herbalife Side Effects You Need To Know - 2020

As supplemental nutrition, Herbalife products are suitable for some individuals who already have an active lifestyle. Herbalife products can only be purchased through Independent Nutrition Distributors, making it a less viable option for individuals looking for a quick and easy solution.

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