Digital Detox in the West of Ireland on the Wild Atlantic Way

In workshops, he asks people to describe how they feel about their phone. What emerges is a “love-hate relationship”. Often, “they will say ‘I love it; I love the power it gives me; I love the control; I love the feeling of connection; and the feeling I can have anything I want anytime I want’.”

Organisations are facing a dilemma about how to counteract the creep of the always-on culture, he says. “Absolutely, there are organisations out there whose priority is not helping employees to switch off, but many more know that if they want to retain top talent, and want people at their best – thinking critically, being creative and being innovative – they’re not going to do that if they are burnt out.”

William added: “There’s no such thing as a 9-5 work day anymore. We are on 24/7 and everyone expects us to be.

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She shared Boxie with friends and family and started to notice the topic of device usage coming up more and more, so she decided to expand the concept.

In Ireland, bushcraft courses are available through several operators - including the Living Wilderness Bushcraft School in Co. Meath, Kippure Estate in Co. Wicklow, and the Lough Allen Adventure Centre in Leitrim.

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This tour starts in Lucan, Co. Dublin and continues for 117kms to Shannon Harbour. Parking facilities and public transport are available throughout the trail. A map of the trail is available from

Harvey's Point has been TripAdvisor's top hotel in Ireland for four years in a row, so you can be assured a restorative stay - with or without devices.

“We’re constantly emailing, texting, Watsapping and Snapchatting and basically spend every waking hour looking at a screen.