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In a small study presented at the 1997 meeting of the North American Primary Care Research Group and subsequently described in American Family Physician , Richard L. Garrison, MD, studied the effect of a “traditional home remedy for inducing gallstone expulsion using lemon juice, olive oil, cascara sagrada and garlic/castile enemas” in 6 patients with symptomatic gallstones which had been confirmed by ultrasound. (Garrison, 1998) An ultrasound after the procedure assessed clearing of stones. Alter completing the liver flush, five of six patients were asymptomatic for periods ranging from two to 27 months. At least one woman cleared all her stones, but she proceeded with an operation anyway at the advice of her surgeon. The investigators concluded that the procedure could potentially eliminate the need for surgery in many patients. Reference List.

Why & What is an Aloe Vera enema.

Enemas are a direct route for absorbing different substances. Drs. Marshall and Thompson discussed the use of colonic irrigation for “mental conditions” in the New England Journal of Medicine (1932). There are many types of enemas that people may use, however, one of the most effective enemas is the coffee enema.

How Coffee Enemas and Liver-Gallbladder Flushes Improve

Stones or sludge can form within the gallbladder, which may then block the opening through which bile flows. This can cause nausea and abdominal pain after eating a fatty meal, as the gallbladder tries unsuccessfully to squeeze out its contents. Gallstones can also travel into the bile duct and become stuck, leading to infection, or migrate into the pancreatic duct (which connects to the bile duct) and cause acute pancreatitis. Either of these conditions can be life-threatening. The most common treatment for gallstones is removal of the gallbladder; 750,000 Americans undergo this operation each year.

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Coffee Enemas for Those Sensitive to Caffeine, Liver Detox

Cachot MA. Case of Poisoning by Aconite; Enema of Coffee in the Treatment. Pac Med Surg J . 1866;9:239-240. Full text available at

We use ground organic coffee containing caffeine for the coffee enema. The liquid is introduced into the rectum via an inlet container connected to a small intestinal tube and kept in the intestine for 10 to 15 minutes. The liquid can then be discharged into the toilet. A coffee enema can be carried out over a period of three to six months, two to three times a week. After prior instruction by the therapist, patients can also perform the coffee enema themselves at home.

Coffee enemas support liver function; they dilute bile, dilate blood vessels, reduce inflammation of the intestines, and enhance gluthianone S transferase, thus facilitating the phase 2 liver detoxification pathway. While sometimes ridiculed by the uninformed, coffee enemas were until recently included in the bible of medicine, the Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy (Gonzalez & Issacs, 1999).