Fat Burning Cayenne Pepper Detox Drink Recipe To Lose 10

Yes, the organic maple syrup will be fine. I just liked to use Grade B because I think it has a slightly deeper maple flavor and is less expensive. I’ve never tried cayenne capsules, but I can’t see why it wouldn’t work. Best of Luck!

The Science Behind Cayenne Pepper Tea.

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I have been enjoying lemon water for many years. Now I will start adding the rest of the ingredients except probably not the honey. Do you swallow the ginger if using? I’m guessing not. Also, can limes be used in place of lemons? I squeeze fresh lemons and limes by the bag and freeze in ice cube trays. I have quite a bit of lime to use up.

10 Pound Fat Burning Cayenne Pepper Detox Drink Recipe

A word of advice: cayenne pepper tea often causes a burning sensation at the back of the throat, but sipping slowly may help alleviate that burning and—in turn—greatly increase your enjoyment of your tea.

Hi everyone I did the diet about 10 years ago, for 10 days 1 galón on water 6 oz of maple syrup 6 oz of lemon juice 3 tea spoons of váyanse pepper Detox te only at night For 3 day in the morning .5 tea spoon of salt in a glass of water And to help I used sugar free gum.

I have been drinking the master cleanse daily for a couple of months. I feel like I am addicted to the stuff, it really curbs my appetite, gives me energy and I do not get leg cramps at night anymore because I am thoroughly hydrated. JUST DO IT.