Staying hydrated is important because water is used by every single part of your body. The better hydrated you are, the smoother your blood flows, bringing oxygen and nutrients to your organs, including your skin and brain. One of the first signs of dehydration is irritability, and you're not going to reap juice fasting benefits if you're too cranky to get through the first day.

More than 50% of people are dehydrated – consuming less than the recommended daily 5-6 glasses of non-caffeinated, beverages. Drinking adequate fluids like water and low sugar, cold pressed juice helps the body function more efficiently, improves energy, and helps remove toxins more effectively. Drinking water throughout the day, even while on your juice cleanse helps keep everything moving. Hydration also makes your skin glow. Regular hydration, helps remove toxins while juicing helps bring your cells healing nutrients that can transform how you feel and look. Get ready for that Juice Cleanse glow!

3-Day DIY Juice Cleanse (Recipes, Benefits & Tips

Don't be afraid of vegetables. Spinach and kale disappear into a well-balanced juice blend, giving you iron and folic acid. Slice the stems off for a smoother texture, and pair them with apples, peaches and pineapple, as well as soy or nut milk and yogurt. Tomatoes and bell peppers combine to make a smooth gazpacho-like mixture with a peppery bite.

The most nutritious and effective way to conduct your juice fast is to do a whole foods juice cleanse , in which you incorporate as much of the fiber found in fruits and vegetables as you can. This requires blending softer whole fruits and only peeling those whose skins you can't eat, such as bananas and mangoes.

It's also a good idea to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables in the week preceding your three-day juice fast so that your gut bacteria can get used to them. This can help alleviate bloating, gas and gastrointestinal distress during your fast.

Reading labels is one way to ensure that you take in the purest and most nutritious juices, but making them from scratch is even more effective .

While juice cleanse weight loss is usually seen within 24 hours of starting your three-day juice cleanse, it's mostly going to be water weight. This is especially true if your normal diet includes a lot of starchy carbohydrates and salty foods. Both cause you to retain water, so water weight is the first thing you generally lose when you cut out these foods.