Side Effects of a 7-Day Detox | Healthfully

Nausea occurs during a 7-day detox diet when the lymph glands release toxins at such a fast rate that the liver has to manage the excess, which gets emitted with bile into the stomach. To manage nausea, suggests drinking water or carrot juice. It is important to drink fluids, as toxins in the body are eliminated through urine and feces.

Suggested Remedy:

Weight Loss and Gain.

Fruit juices, especially when combined with water consumption, can act as laxatives, causing diarrhea. Eliminate the use of any laxative herbs during your 7-day detox program to help control diarrhea. Teens Health warns against the use of laxative supplements, which can lead to dehydration and ultimately affect the balance and healthy functioning of the digestive system.

Passing gas is a very common side effect of detoxing since the body attempts to get rid of all toxic substances in any and all forms. This can be particularly embarrassing so it is best to steer clear of crowded places when detoxing.

Intense Hunger Pangs and Cravings.

Liver Detox and Constipation.

Ice: is also a good remedy as the ice cuts pain by reducing swollen vessels that are pressing on the nerves, by overriding pain messages to the brain, which reduces muscle contraction. Cover the ice or cold object with a paper towel or a thin layer of cloth to protect your skin. Then place the ice on the painful area for about 10-15 minutes. (tip: try ice-cubes in a sealable plastic bag)