How to Detox your Body to Lose Weight Naturally, for Good

There are a number of popular detox diets on the market ranging from cleanses supported with supplements to eating clean. However, not all diets are created equal. A detox diet is specifically designed to remove toxins, whereas a dietary cleanse could be as simple as just cleaning up your diet. Thus, certain dietary cleanses may have more merit when it comes to improving your health and helping you lose weight.

But there is a lot of hot debate around many practices used in our food production, with some studies suggesting certain processing techniques or added ingredients could be harmful in high amounts or within certain populations (1,2). In addition, some artificial ingredients and processing techniques, like the use of GMOs, are banned in other countries. This has led some people to believe that our food contains artificial ingredients, preservatives, and chemicals that can harm our health. But the research just isn't that clear cut, and most of these claims have never been proven (3,4).

You cannot do a fast/cleanse to remove the toxins first. And since fat loss takes quite a bit of time - more than 2 weeks, removing fat cell toxins would require a much more long term approach. Also, since these toxins are environmental, your diet has little impact on exposure and detoxification.

If you've been exposed to these pollutants, weight loss may cause a short-term increase in blood levels of the toxins. But research does not suggest that this increase in blood levels is harmful to health, metabolism or weight loss efforts (9). And in one study levels normalized overtime without any need for intervention (10).

Claim #3 - Eating a diet high in preservatives and artificial ingredients can increase toxins in your body and make it harder to lose weight.

The Best Detox Cleanses For Weight Loss (2021 Guide

3. You can’t control your sugar and carb cravings (you may be suffering from food addiction).

That being said, improving your nutrition is beneficial to your long-term liver health and managing disease (7). But this requires a lifestyle shift in your eating and a generally healthy diet for the long haul, not a cleanse.