Armpit Detox: Does It Work?

You have some tenderness in the pit lymph node areas.

We recommend this for everyone to use. We suggest to use it every 2-3 days while detoxing for up to 2 weeks and then continue using it once a week (just as you would a face mask) to maintain healthy and fresh underarms.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, Australian Bentonite Clay, Food Grade Activated Charcoal, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Colloidal Silver, Certified Organic Coconut Oil and Vanilla and Almond Extract.

DIY At Home Pit Detox - Why You Should & How You Can

And even though the jury is still out on just how effective said ingredients and products are at abstracting toxins (such as aluminum) from the pores or lymph nodes, or helping to reduce sweat long-term, there have been studies that suggest deep-cleansing and taking a break from antiperspirant can have its benefits.

There’s actually something to this claim. Apple cider vinegar is antibacterial and can help eliminate odor-causing bacteria. However, it’s important to properly dilute the vinegar and remember that it won’t keep you sweet-smelling indefinitely. Learn more about how sweating works.

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The fact is, you don't need to detox unless you've been using aluminum-containing deodorant. And detoxing is simply the act of not giving up when your pits stink until they stop doing so. It's not a fancy mask or a new product. We think you're smart and we know actual facts about deodorant are hard to uncover, so we're sharing our research and journey with you. We want you to make informed decisions more than we want you to come to our conclusions. So read on and decide for yourself.

Myth 5: All deodorant should work.

A small study found that people who wore antiperspirant or deodorant had fewer Staphylococci microbes than people who didn’t use any antiperspirant or deodorant. It also found that the people who wore deodorant without any sweat-blocking ingredients like aluminum had more Staphylococci bacteria, while people who didn’t use any product had more Corynebacterium .