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Review (Formula 10.0.6): Deep Down Detox Mud Mask.

This is a light weight mud mask, powered by Orange, Sea Salt & Bergamot. The texture reminds me of a thick smoothie, but with tiny air bubbles in it. When applied to your face, a little can go along way. If used once every 2 weeks, this mud mask can easily last up to 4 months. Because this mask is so light upon application, it is defiantly build-able depending on your preference.

Stearic Acid: Is a fatty acid and comes from vegetables. Normally used in skin care as an emollient/ thickener/ skin repairing ingredient, this ingredient is quite waxy in texture, and can be found in candles & soaps. This product is able to keep our skin nice and moisturised. COSDNA rated this ingredient a 2 for Acne. As such, this is a low to moderate hazard ingredient. Always make sure to spot test. Cetyl Alcohol: There’s a common stigma to this word alcohol, that leads people to normally avoid this ingredient. Personally, i think this is for a couple of reasons: Firstly, the term easy to remember than other ‘irritating’ ingredients. Secondly, people think that alcohol is drying to the skin. However, not all alcohols are irritating to the skin. This type of alcohol is known as a fatty alcohol , and should be non irritating to the skin. Since this is a fatty alcohol, this ingredient is good for dry skin types, and it will help keep the skin moisturised. This ingredient only becomes a problem when it is listed high up on the ingredients list. Normally, having a small amount of this ingredient can keep your skin moisturised. In contrast, having a lot of this ingredient in a product can be irritating to the skin. COSDNA rated this a 2 for acne & irritating the skin. Cetearyl Alcohol: Another fatty alcohol. I have already talked about this here.

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Kaolin (clay): Is a soft clay that is normally white in texture. The clay is also thick, making it perfect for forming a mask. The thick texture of this ingredient, will allow other ingredients to be held together, and to aid in the delivery of ingredients deep down into our pores. In doing so, this clay will help nourish & sooth our skin. Additionally, this type of clay has particular minerals & nutrients that will help in reducing our oils. When introduced in a mask, kaolin will help cleanse & exfoliate our skin cells topically.This will help in detoxifying our skin, as it will allow our skin cells to regenerate topically. This ingredient also has multi purpose functions . When the clay starts to harden, it is able to help clear pores, help with problematic skin, exfoliate, and cleanse. Scientific studies have shown that this detoxifying process is only shown if the mask stays on for about 20 – 30 minutes. Bentonite (clay): Is a type of clay composed of volcanic ash, & is known for its absorbent properties. The properties of this clay is activated through the moisture of our skin (after you shower!). It has ‘electrical charges’, which is activated upon water. When activated, the clay absorbs oils/ toxins/ impurities from the skin. While this is happening, the clay will swap it’s minerals into our skin. Due to the absorbent properties, it is suitable for sensitive skin types & oily types. However, not so much for dry skin. Aloe barbadensis leaf juice: This ingredient helps with soothing our skin. Aloe ( maybe known to you as Aloe Vera), contains antioxidants & traces of Vitamins A,C & E. This is a natural anti-inflammatory agent & antibacterial. This is why we apply pure aloe over a sun burns, to help sooth the area.

Deep Down Detox - Ultra Cleansing Mud Mask – Formula 10.0.6

So I have been using this as my clay mask for about 5 months now. It’s still going strong, and I currently have around 2/5 of the product left. One interesting thing about this mask is the slight tingly feeling that occurs when applied to your face. A disclaimer is even noted on the back about this. Furthermore, this mask is able to draw out any impurities from my skin, which is visibly able to be seen after the mask is removed. After removal, I normally press on my nose to help in the extraction (very gently ! ! !). Then I follow through with a toner/product containing AHA to gently exfoliate. This mask however, does have a few draw backs. This mask does not have much hydrating properties. After removal of this mask, this will leave your skin dry . Since i have been using this mask for a couple of months, i haven’t’ seen my complexion become brighter. On the other hand, it does a good job in deep cleaning my pours & cleansing my skin. It was able to remove my oils from that night, but it did not make a difference the next morning. Since this product is quite cheap in it’s self, its good value for your money. However, the only effects you will see from this mask is, cleansing & removing any impurities from your pores (as what a cheap drug store mud mask should do).

Repurchase : I will repurchase, this but not for a while. I know this brand has a variety of masks for targeting different skin problems.

Verdict: A decent & cheap mud mask with both Kaolin clay & Bentonite clay to help clean your pores. However, the application is quite tingly.