Kinohimitsu COF is a naturally derived and 100% science-based fat binder that allows you to indulge with foods without worrying about calories!

•. Is Kinohimitsu COF suitable for children? No. Children below aged of 12 are still in growing stage, they need a lot of nutrients to ensure healthy development. Hence, the use of this product for children below 12 should be supervised by healthcare professionals.

How to Optimize Your Drug Metabolizing Enzymes for THC

Can I take Kinohimitsu Marine Collagen with other supplements? Absolutely! There is no interaction between Kinohimitsu Marine Collagen and other supplements.

If I have a nickname, I will probably be called a "walking bag of shit". Lol. I have struggled with my constipation problem for as long as my weight problem and both problems seem to have worsen with age. Tsk tsk.

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 5000mg of Marine Collagen in a scoop  30-Day supply  Low molecular weight collagen (2000 dalton)  Cholesterol & fat free  The ONLY collagen product with anti-glycation effect in the market!

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