Rather than focus on the negative or all the things you ate and drank, think about a new start and get back to your workout routine, says Dan Nguyen, fitness behavior expert and creator of AbsIn8.com. “Leave the past in the past. Focus on new momentum to get where you want to go next. One night of eating and drinking what you like doesn't make a habit. What you do every day is what affects your long-term health.” Include some extra time at the gym and don’t skip any workouts this week.

Exercise Whatever you do, don’t think: “Well, I was already so bad. Might as well take the rest of the week/forever off.”

Eat fiber Cut out all processed food and fast food if your weekend was full of heavy sauces and desserts, says Goodson. Eat complex, high-fiber carbs such as oats, brown rice, sweet potatoes and quinoa instead of refined carbs. The fiber helps you feel full faster and stabilizes blood sugar, making you less likely to overeat. Choose plain, grilled chicken or fish and try eating your veggies steamed or roasted. Add healthy fats like nuts and nut butter, avocado and hummus.

10 Natural Ways to do an Alcohol Detox After Drinking

Cut out the extra Leave a few bites of food on your plate at each meal, says Goodson. “Doing that over the course of three to five meals each day can really add up.” In addition, eat until you are just not hungry, instead of until you are full. Stop eating the last bite of your child's plate, don't lick the spoon of peanut butter, don't put a handful of nuts or cheese in your mouth when cooking, etc. This eliminates hundreds of excess calories and can go towards reversing some of the damage done over the prior weekend.

Blame enzymes and dehydration for the bulk of your misery. “Your body requires an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase to metabolize alcohol,” says Dr. Pouya Bahrami, internal medicine specialist with HealthCare Partners in Torrance, Calif. If you overwhelm your system with excess alcohol this enzyme can’t keep up, and not all the alcohol is broken down, so it lingers longer. This combined with dehydration causes headaches and other hangover symptoms.

Partied too hard? Here are 5 ways to undo an overindulgent weekend.

Skip the nighttime snack Many people don't eat dessert after dinner during the week, but they add a small nighttime snack, says Goodson. “Cut out those 150-to-200 calories and you'll save almost 1,000 calories that week. The extra deficit can help counter balance the weekend damage.” Eat a healthy dinner, drink water and work on your discipline by going to bed without a snack.