3 Day Easy Detox (Cleanse) Diet for Weight Loss

Antioxidants are found in deeply colorful foods with high levels of phytonutrients and vitamins, like berries, carrots, and greens. These natural “nutraceuticals” fight free radicals that damage cells and tissues.

It creates toxic effects on many parts of the body, such as the endocrine system that coordinates your hormone functions [ source ], the cardiovascular system causing high blood pressure and effects on the heart muscle [ source ], the liver [ source ], and not last or even least, the brain [ source ].

Rub castor oil on your stomach, your liver (right side), and your upper abdomen. Some people prefer to use a castor oil pack . Soak a cloth, towel, or old shirt in the castor oil, wrap the pack in plastic wrap, and then apply over the desired organ.

6. Up your fiber and antioxidant intake.

How to Detox Your Body the Natural Way | Real Simple

By taking small but consistent steps to shake off the bad stuff—pollution, toxins, less-than-wise food choices, stress—we free up our organs, body systems, and mind to better deal with the day-to-day. Plus, it makes doing a longer-term, extensive detox or cleanse less of a shock to the body if you do decide to go that route.

Oil pulling should be done on an empty stomach to ensure maximum benefit. The best times are upon rising and before bed. Learn everything you need to know about it in this review article.

16. Kick out the processed meats.