How to Detox You Liver With Lemon and Olive Oil (Evidence

Water: Drink plenty of water to save as many calories as possible. It will keep your liver to work efficiently by keeping a check on your weight.

Nuts: Walnuts are good source of omega-3 fatty acids and glutathione, both of which help in liver detoxification. Almonds are packed with vitamin E. This nutrient helps protect against fatty liver disease. Almonds also reduce surges of blood sugar after meals and thus they help reduce the risk of fatty liver disease. Pecans are also a powerful weapon against fatty liver disease. It decreases unhealthy oxidation of bad cholesterol in the blood.

Herbs and spices: Few herbs and spices like oregano, sage, rosemary, cumin and cinnamon are a good source of polyphenols which help protect liver.

Can You Detox the Liver With Lemon and Olive Oil

After the Cleanse.

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Liver plays a key role in detoxifying your body by filtering your blood that comes from your digestive tract. It keeps your blood clean and free from damaging chemicals and toxins. Blood flows from the liver to rest of the body.

''At some point in the programme, you drink Epsom salts and some good amount of olive oil,'' said the liver specialist. ''Epsom salt is a base. When fat from the olive oil mixes with a base, it produces soap. And it comes out green because it blends with the bile naturally released from the body.''

While there are many healthy oils out there with great nutritional benefits, stick with olive oil for natural liver cleanses. People have tried to substitute with coconut oil, but olive oil remains the most beneficial oil for liver cleansing because of how predictably it works.