Remember that your food will absorb the energy of your mindset and state of being while you are cooking. You can assist your healing process by bringing good intentions and a sense of presence to your kitchen.


I appreciate how panchakarma functions as a highly choreographed intervention, albeit an ancient one. The kind that tapers gently but has a ruthless persistence. The rules made sense, yet could chafe all the same. In my group, many had good days that alternated with a healing crisis of some sort or another: diarrhea, headaches, sore throats, tiredness, spontaneous grief. Again, experts say this is to be expected: “Anytime you move something that may be stuck, it’s a flush. You’re bringing the doshas out from deeper tissues and you’re bringing emotions out from deeper places where they’re not flowing. Then all of a sudden everything starts to flow,” says Grasser. Whatever we had on lockdown was coming up for air—and there was no safer place for it to happen.

Jaggery — a cheap and cheerful sweetener you can get this online at Ocado or online health food stores in a block, from which you cut chunks off. In the supermarket, the closest option is Billington’s Molasses Sugar or coconut sugar.

If you are a diabetic, the only change you need to make is to avoid having fruits and fruit juices. Instead, eat only vegetables and vegetable juices. If you are required to eat any specific foods as a part of your diabetic diet, you can incorporate them into your diet as well. Consult your doctor before starting with this. Read more about healthy food choices for diabetics.

The recipes were super simple and quick to make, everything was delicious, and I was so surprised about how satisfied and not hungry I felt. Apart from a few sugar cravings at tea time on the first day, I honestly didn’t crave anything the rest of the time. I loved the detox tea and sipping it throughout the day was really comforting.