We have the opportunity to change our DNA with what we eat. Joel Khan, plant-powered cardiologist and best-selling author, explains this phenomenon. Specifically he says, "It may be our genes that load the gun, but our lifestyle pulls the trigger." The food we eat can turn on and off certain genetic pathways that determine whether we become overweight, have high blood pressure, or get a disease or not.

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Vegan detox cleanse.

1. Buy LOTS of food. I found myself going to the grocery store every other day because I kept running out of stuff. Keep your fridge and counter stocked up on your favorite fruits and veggies (organic is best but if conventional's all you got make sure to wash really well) for the week. You may spend a little more than usual during this time, and if you can afford it, embrace it and see it as an investment, because it really is. Otherwise, buy what you can and stick to cheap fruits like bananas and apples, which are just as healing. Freeze up some nanners and enjoy banana nicecream or smoothies for breakfast. Easy and cost-effective.

I know for those not familiar with a detox protocol it may seem that detoxing is all rainbows and butterflies. Actually no. Detoxing can be (and usually is) a pain in the butt. This is actually a good thing, believe it or not! The fatigue, intestinal discomfort, breakouts, irritability, and muscle soreness are signs that your body is moving toxic garbage out. It ain't pretty but it sure is worth it.

This ancient healing practice has nothing "woo-woo" about it, as much as it may seem like it. I know it's fun to hate on current health trends and try to "debunk" them, but these raw foodists are onto something. Exceptions can be made for things like the wine and egg diet, of course. Yes, this is an actual diet plan. Smh.

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Lunch consisted mostly of large salads–a raw vegan staple–with multiple fruits and vegetables to optimize nutrient intake. Just salad for lunch can sound like you're gonna be hungry again in no time but there is a big emphasis made on QUANTITY. If you want to thrive on raw you have to eat a lot .