10 Day Detox | A Step-by-Step Program Guide By Jane

10 Day Detox Basics.

If you deviate from your plan due to unanticipated circumstances or stress you should be gentle with yourself. You can return to the full 10-Day Detox Diet again to reset yourself and get back on track.

For each evening of the 10-Day Detox Diet you will enjoy a twenty to thirty minute relaxing UltraDetox Bath. This involves a combination of epsom salts, baking soda and lavender oil.

My experience with the 10-Day Detox Diet by Dr. Mark Hyman

A Very Structured Plan.

As your fitness improves you can increase the intensity and duration of exercise and include interval training in your regime.

The Short Guide to The 10-Day Detox Diet | Dr. Mark Hyman

He says the secret to losing weight and keeping it off is by maintaining low insulin levels .

Most people experience fatigue and other uncomfortable detox symptoms when beginning the diet. Eliminates a wide variety of foods including fruit, bread, pasta, cereal, potatoes, legumes, alcohol and caffeine. Requires the use of nutritional supplements, which significantly increases the cost of the program. Involves an increased daily time commitment for food preparation, exercise and the other detox activities. For ideal results organic foods are required, which can be more expensive.

After the Detox.