The Best Detox Cleanses For Weight Loss (2021 Guide

Take a daily walk in nature. As you stroll under the trees with the earth beneath you, breathe in the fresh clean air, feel the soft nourishing ground and connect with the majesty of nature.

Chlorella, wheatgrass, arctic seaweed and spirulina are highly nutritious green plants that are packed with vital macro and micronutrients that nourish and support the health of the body. They work to remove a buildup of heavy metals and pollutants, supporting overall detoxification. These super-greens are highly beneficial for those who live in areas where pollution levels are high, or may be over exposed to cigarette smoke, synthetic hormones such as the pill and HRT and alcohol.

Cardamom helps to provide relief to the digestive system from indigestion. It stimulates metabolic and digestive processes while working as a decongestant removing mucus from the digestive and respiratory tract.

Start with a promise to eat plenty of fibre-rich foods such as organic whole grains, like oats, spelt and barley and colourful vegetables which will help to support a healthy and efficient digestion. If you need some help to get you moving, try taking some triphala – it’s India’s most popular Ayurvedic herbal formulation of three fruits to aid elimination.

‘We all want to feel great and, quite simply, life is more difficult when we don’t feel best. How we can keep moving towards this goal is constantly renew and replenish our health. This process is called rejuvenation’ says Sebastian.

Seven of the best ways to detox (that actually work)

Aniseed is an aromatic seed that helps to clear waste in the digestive system and lungs. Famed for clearing mucus and flushing the urinary system, it works as an excellent detoxifier. It also has a calming effect on the digestive system, helping to soothe bloating, colic pain and indigestion.

Dandelion root is a traditional tonic for supporting the liver and digestion. This bitter root cleanses the body by stimulating bile flow, which helps the liver and gallbladder to remove congestion and inflammation trapped in the system.