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Energy level: 6.5 Digestion: Feeling a little bloated and keen to flush out build-up of toxins Weight: Hoping to lose a little (Note: we didn’t ask Kate to tell us her weight!) Complexion: Average.

Lose Weight, Burn Fat & Banish Bloat Naturally

Energy level: 8.5 Digestion: Feel a lot lighter, not bloated Weight: Have lost 4.8lbs! Horray! Complexion: Day three of the detox brought about a few spots (my body getting rid of toxin, perhaps!) but on day five my skin is bright, clear and more radiant than before the detox.

After trying and experimenting i was so surprised at how well they worked. With the fat burner my energy was noticeably increased and it suppressed my appetite!

This drink is mostly water. You drink 60 ounces a day for 7 days. That’s really not that hard to do if you think about it! It’s about half a gallon. I could down that right after a workout no problem!

DAY ONE I only decided to do a detox program last night so I went to Priceline this morning to purchase the Skinny Mini kit. It was $40. You are meant to take one sachet before breakfast but I had to miss that one. I came home and excitedly opening the box. I was very impressed with the packaging and contents. It contained a little tape measure if you wished to record your measurements, and a booklet that is full of information all about the ingredients and the detox, as well as a suggested meal plan and some recipes. I won't be following the meal plan to the letter, but it will be good for some ideas for meals and snacks. I had my first sachet before lunch. You simply stir in the sachet with 250mL of water. It tasted healthy. Haha. It was pleasant enough tasting - definitely digestible! Though it's not the type of beverage I would drink all the time by choice. I am happy with this. The fact that it tastes healthy and not absolutely delicious seems to be a positive thing.