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Low-Sugar Diet Food List (No Added Sugar)

Increase your dietary fiber.

No-Sugar Diet: All You Need To Know To Get Started.

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Eat more protein.

How To Start A No – Sugar Diet?

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Although it may seem to be really simple to eliminate all added sugar from your diet, manufacturers use secret code words for added sugar and it can be in foods you don’t expect it to be. It’s important to learn the code names for sugar to remove it from your diet. There are plenty of secret words for sugar, here are some of the most common ones:

This time I’ve been sugar-free for five months. I had given up sugar for a couple of years previously, but then when I did my Sport Relief challenge I started eating it again. I was doing an awful lot of exercise and had to eat a lot of sugar in the form of liquid gels and fast-releasing carbohydrates – such as rice and pasta – to keep my energy up. Really, for someone who is moderately active, carbs don’t need to take up more than 10-20% of a meal, but my meals were about 70% carbs during that time!