Inneren Schweinehund besiegen mit lifeDETOX - "Leben im Fokus"

We live in a world of processed foods, chemicals, and toxins. It’s starting to get so bad that detoxing is actually a thing that people do on a regular basis because they consume too many toxins. In some cases people do things like a juice-only diet or switching to only organic food. There are plenty of other ways to detoxify your entire life and we’re going to talk about them.

5. See Optimization as a Game.

Your Laptop: Get a proper cleaning program like CleanMyMac or CCleaner to get rid of computer clutter, organise your photos and deinstall apps you don’t need. For files, follow the process from Day 7.

Below are twelve effective methods that detoxify a bloated lifestyle – including diet – that can help you achieve a daily life that flows more freely and joyfully.

Synthetic Chemical Exposure (in an Unnatural World)

Be it on social media or in real life: unfollowing toxic people that you know are not good for you will free up tremendous mental space and increase your happiness by removing tons of negativity from your life.

Unfortunately, this made it a popular fad diet seen as a way to lose weight quickly, with many people forgetting the original intention of the cleanses: to detoxify.

Proper preparation makes seeds, grains and nuts more readily digestible , making their nutrients more readily available for assimilation.