Recharge your well-being from the inside-out with a cleansing juice-based detox at the welcoming wellness retreat of Shanti Som, nestled in the striking Andalucían region of Spain. Go hard-core with this six-day juice detox including cleansing juices, additional supplements and light broths, giving your body the chance to rebalance and refresh itself. Following recommendations from the initial 1-on-1 consultation, prepare yourself for the purification process with self-administered colonics to feel revitalised after the unwanted toxins have been eliminated. During educational nutritional coaching sessions experience a weight loss holiday, with long-term benefits as you learn from their healthy approach to both raw and cooked food.

Break away from the strains of modern life at this juice detox retreat in southern Spain, a great destination to learn a healthier lifestyle on holiday. A medical consultation and clinical analysis on arrival will determine whether you’ll be suited to juice fasting, a macrobiotic diet or a combination of the two. Both aspects will successfully revitalise the body with the help of therapeutic natural beverages, nutritional plans and cleansing treatments. Advance your cleanse with spa treatments including acupuncture, lymphatic drainage massages and colon-hydrotherapy. Empower your well-being for your return with refreshing coastal walks, and energising classes in yoga and Tai Chi.

Cleanse your body, boost your immune system’s defences and increase overall vitality on this juice detox retreat, set upon Portugal’s Algarve coastline. Begin your medical spa holiday with a medical consultation and biophysical evaluation to assess your best route to achieving optimum detox results. Enjoy a daily dose of nutritious goodness with a medically approved juice fast to detoxify the body, whilst energising with yoga, Pilates and SLIM circuits. An ideal juice detox retreat for a luxury spa holiday, continue your cleanse with detoxifying spa treatments, including a lymphatic drainage massage and seaweed body wraps.

Top 10 Juice Fasting Detox Retreats Worldwide

Doby has a passion for culture, music and healthy food. As a kid he was always helping his mum out in the kitchen and from there his passion and interest in food developed. He now creates the most colourful and delicious meals inspired by their travels around the world. His latte´s and curry´s are unbeatable! But his skills are not limited to culinary delights, be sure to get a massage with Doby, his hands work wonders, whether its Reiki or a traditional massage, you will leave the massage table relaxed and totally reenergised.

A juice detox is not always as easy as it might sound and foregoing meals can be difficult for some. It is important not to be disheartened if you break your detox, after all it is perfectly possible to get back on track. While on a juice detox retreat you also have the added benefit of being in a supportive environment where the staff at the spa as well as your fellow detoxers will all help to keep you motivated. This will help you to resist temptation and make you more likely to complete your cleanse than if you attempted a similar detox by yourself at home.


You’re most probably feeling like your body needs a rest from all the festivities and you could use a detox. There are many different types of detox retreats out there, with new trends constantly emerging, however one type of detox that has always proved popular is the juice detox. The juice cleanse is, as the name implies, a detox based on drinking just fruit and vegetable juices for a set period of time and foregoing usual food consumption. Plenty sing the praises of this particular kind of detox, however it is important to note that as this is a rather intensive type of cleanse there are a few things that it is important to know before you decide to opt for this particular kind of detox retreat, read on to discover just what these are.

Aleid and Doby consider sustainability as being paramount and was central in their decision when looking for a new venue. As they live so close to the sea, they decided against a pool to limit energy, use of water and unsustainable maintenance products. Furthermore, they: