9 Detox Dinner Recipes.

Cold, long winter evenings ask for warming, comforting dinners. This cashew curry is satisfying and delicious, but it’s also packed with copper and manganese, which play a key role in the natural detoxification processes of our bodies.

Seaweed is the unsung hero of detox! It’s also high in mineral content of iodine, calcium, and iron, all benefiting thyroid function, digestive health, and metabolism.

Easy Detox Salad Formula.

When dinnertime rolls around, follow these easy, fuss-free steps for a detox dinner that’s easy on your digestive system and supports your body’s ability to detox. Mix and match proteins, grains, spices and veggies throughout the week to mix things up!

Healthy Dinner Ideas - Detox DIY

These detox dinners will help you get back-on-track if you’ve been overdoing it in the food department, but don’t be mistaken: they’re also completely satisfying meals, too.

Adding salsa, hot sauce, wheat-free tamari, tahini, garlic , or other healthy condiments can make any food taste fabulous.

Zucchini noodles! You can use them as a base for all kinds of detox dinners, but we love them paired with this homemade cilantro pesto.