A detox inspired by ancient Indian practices which consider the stomach to be a second brain: the stomach must function properly so that the rest of the body and spirit remains healthy. So our Indian DETOX is based on digestive rebalancing.

Ayurvedic detox teas can help in completely detoxifying your body. It can fully cleanse your body which helps a lot in keeping those diseases away from you. More: Ayurveda tea recipes >> Having this detox tea will ensure that your body does not have any synthetic chemicals to deal that usually cause an increase in impurities within your body, which would then render your detox project void. More: green tea detox drinks >> Your body’s metabolic rate will end up increasing, which will lead to burning more fat than usual. Cumin cleans your stomach and helps you get rid of unwanted bacteria in your tummy, so does coriander and ginger. The tea not only detoxes your body but also helps keep your skin clear and flawless. Fennel helps with bloating and also burns fat for weight loss.

This tea is made up of ingredients grown organically and has several organic certifications: AB label, EU certified organic food label, Ecocert organic certification, USDA Organic label.

Tea ingredients.

Detoxing the body is an important practice to keep yourself healthy both internally and externally; one way to do so is consuming ayurvedic detox teas. What are ayurvedic detox teas? Ayurvedic Teas are carefully crafted caffeine-free herbal teas that help to balance one’s doshas. Making an ayurvedic detox tea is a great way to boost your overall health and get the antioxidants you need each day. Below is an easy ayurvedic detox tea recipe along with its benefits:

Indian DETOX is a delicious black tea combining the detox benefits of turmeric and lemon with a healing plant, holy basil. This zesty, spicy blend that will rebalance your body to aid digestion can be enjoyed both hot and iced.