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Superfood Detox Smoothie.

Happy Smoothie Saturday!! I’m writing this instead of packing… today is the big move, and my friends and dad will be here in a few hours to help me move all of my big stuff. Luckily, all of my ceramics made it to my house safely (thanks to copious amounts of bubble wrap), but today is for big things like the couch and the bookshelves. Still, I have a ton of awkward kitchenware that still needs to go in boxes… how are you supposed to pack glass bottles of olive, hemp, and flax oils?! I’ll figure it out, though.

5 of the Best Superfood Smoothies Recipes to Detox - Pesto


Whether you overindulged in junk food or just need an extra push in the right direction, these 3 detox smoothie recipes from our #yourfreshstart Detox Plan will help you get back on track with your healthy habits, nourish your body and give it the break it needs.

So here’s what caught my eye on the internet this week:

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