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2. Green Tea : It’s got a mediocre amount of caffeine so you shouldn’t get that knife-in-the-back-of-the-head headache (I may or may not know about that first-hand), but it also has a ton of healthy antioxidants, and tastes gross with milk & sugar (a good thing!). If you don’t like green tea, try ROASTED green tea like the Haiku brand found at Whole Foods Market. Tastes like a campfire!

And there you have it! THREE ways to not NOT detox because you fear the lack of caffeine. Day 1 is the hardest — have the Green Tea Latte on that day and then sip through some plain green and white tea after that. See you in a few days!



If you think you’ll have trouble giving up coffee or other caffeine sources during the detox, reduce the amount you drink at least a week before you plan to start the detox.

I think we all know how caffeine consumption can significantly mess with your sleep. But the negative effects of caffeine go much further than that.

Magic Mix | Can You Drink Coffee While You’re On a Cleanse?

*The sweet matcha powder has 12g sugar per tablespoon, which is ok as long as you use unsweetened non-dairy milk.

BUT!! Eventhough doing the 7-Day Detox starting on Monday *should* be coffee and caffeine-free, and you *should* take the next 3 days to wean off of caffeine, you can still do a world of detox good without a world of caffeine withdrawal headaches if you have to cheat ever so slightly…

Common symptoms include headache, fatigue, difficulty concentrating and irritability — just to name a few.