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Hi Lyn, I have just begun The Plan and have plateaued for four days. I started because I am intrigued by the concept. Have been a life time member of Weight Watchers until last spring when my cancer came back. I lost a pound the first two days then the last four I have weighed the same 139.4. I have three things that make it somewhat hard for me to follow the plan precisely. 1) I am milk intolerant: usually use almond milk, but now using the coconut milk and used my lactaid pills to balance the side affects. I D ate the lamb cheese once. Didn’t use half & half in my coffee so was it too acid? 2) I have osteoporosis and now doctors now want people with it to have food calcium not just calcium pills. , Any suggestions for amilk intolerant person? 3) And, being 75 years old I only eat about 3-4 cups of food a day. I tried to eat a little more each meal, but do you think I am eating too little to make the plan work? I am going ahead with the Day 6 plan and we will see what happens. Thanks ahead of time for any suggestions you can give me. Lynda Martin generally eat about 3-4 cups of food a day. I have tried eating a little more with your plan but, perhaps it still isn’t enough for the correct chemical balance.

Hi Kellie, This diet can be a little unforgiving for people who don’t like the foods, as it’s so prescriptive about what to eat on which day! There are a number of alternative menus – see Penny.

Hi Susie, I hope that at least you’ve managed to get rid of other symptoms by knowing which foods trigger them. You could try going back and doing the diet again if you still need to lose weight – if you lose more weight, keep an eye out for any foods you reintroduce that might be causing you trouble. if you don’t lose any more weight, look for another diet.

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For all tests – the next morning, weigh yourself first thing – if you’ve lost less than ½ pound you may be reactive to that food – don’t eat it during the rest of the testing period, and retest it later. If you react badly to a food, take a few days off and eat only foods you’ve tested successfully before.

yup I’m frozen in the same old weight. 🙂 have done the 1st 2 weeks of the PLAN 3 times now. only lose during the 1st 3 days. found out there was a Spring menue. so started again found out cuz i’m on synthroid and temp is always 36.5 in a.m. that i should follow thyroid menue. got that menu but now find out that no cole crops for thyroid troubled people. ARG. why do they have kale and broccoli on the thyroid test days then? each time I’m learning something new. but this is ONE slow process. The book is just tooo poorly written, this summary here was MUCH help. Can anyone help us out with the PROPER protocol for those with thyroid issues? why doesn’t she include the thyroid menue without all the broc. ? what are we supposed to live on instead? avacado in the soups is delicious.

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I take only one as recommended by The Plan. In fact, I introduced my regular supplements and resveratrol with a tiny reaction (+0.2 lbs) but it might be related to something else. Will retest later.

I agree with Penny. That’s why it’s called the Detox phase. That’s why it’s recommended not to exercise, so your body regenerates the organs versus muscle mass. If cutting out the coffee gives you withdrawals, the dandelion tea should help in the morning. My second day was so much better and I started to immediately see myself ‘shrinking’ while I went on further without a headache for two straight weeks (a common thing for me at least 3-4 times a week). Capture everything in writing so you can analyze the data. When do the migranes appear, at what time, for how long, in what section of your head; other associated reactions? Do you hydrate enough? Do you sleep enough? Do you eat the three meals and snack at balanced times throughout the day?

It’s possible that the non-organic spinach was the cause – spinach is ranked no. 6 for high pesticides in the “Dirty Dozen” produce list.