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Having a refrigerator full of fresh produce is key to the success of your midday cleanse meals. I love to make big hearty salads with greens, roasted chickpeas, vegetables, seeds, and tahini garlic dressing.

Whether you are just looking for a week of healthy plant-based eating to give your body a break, are participating in Plant-Based January, or are wanting to make the switch to a whole-food, plant-based diet, here is a PLANT-BASED Recipe Guide to help you on your journey.

If you’re joining me on the 30 days cleanse, share your snacks and meals on Instagram. Tag #30daycleanse and #mydarlingvegan so that I can share your photos with the My Darling Vegan community.

10-day Vegan Detox Diet (Days 4-6) — Edgy Veggie Bytes

Smoothie bowls: We still love them. They’re easy to throw together in the morning and serve as a blank canvas for fun superfood toppings. For a classic base, use this smoothie bowl recipe and try our three different topping ideas below. They all have a good mix of protein, fiber, and healthy fats that keeps us going until lunch.

And that’s not all! This website has tons of cleanse approved recipes. Here are some fan favorites to get you started.

And while we take this “break” our bodies become better able to absorb all the good clean nutrients we are putting into them. Fresh fruits and veggies are full of prebiotics! Slow-metabolizing carbs like beans and whole grains feed our healthy gut bacteria which helps support our immune system. I find that in the process, I start to actually crave these whole plant-based foods because I feel better, sleep better and have way more energy.

Vegan Salad Recipes.

Eating less meat and more plants is at the top of many resolution lists—which is a good thing for the climate and planet. In our annual five-day detox, we include plant-based swaps so you can do a meat-free detox if that’s what you’re after. But we also wanted to offer an even easier meal plan in case that seems a little intimidating. This is our three-day plant-based reset: It’s full of delicious and clean recipes (and no-recipe recipes) that are simple to make and take with you wherever you go.