In 1904 French scientist Rene Quinton published the medical work 'L'eau de Mer, Millen Organique' (Sea Water Organic Medium). Quinton's study indicated that sea water and human plasma (Blood and Lymph fluid etc) are almost identical in their composition of mineral salts, proteins and various other elements. Indeed it is known that similarities between seawater and human blood plasma are so great that, when removed from the body, white blood cells are able to survive in sea water, whereas they break down and disintegrate almost instantly in any other medium.

While it is likely that iodine can be absorbed through the skin from a heated seaweed bath, according to Dr Smyth, the weekly consumption of seafood - seaweed or fish - would be a much easier way of getting the recommended daily allowance of 150 micrograms.

Aqueous extracts from two red algae belonging to the dumontiaceae species have been found to inhibit the herpes simplex virus but no tests have been carried out on humans. Another red alga, ptilota, produces a protein, which preferentially agglutinates human B-type blood and thus can be used to take the place of blood to identify blood type.

How to Take a Detox Bath — 1 to 2 easy ingredients! - Eat

Preliminary studies carried out by Dr Smyth in Sligo with Celtic Seaweed Baths indicate that there is a measurable uptake of iodine by the skin from seaweed baths.

As well as all of the physical benefits, a seaweed bath gives you the feeling of ultimate relaxation and peace which is so good for your mental health. Use the time to clear your mind and meditate, simply indulging in some ‘me-time’. It not often we get a chance to bathe in peace without kids, pets and technology getting in the way so take advantage! : The Seaweed Bath Co. Whole Seaweed Detox Bath

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Seaweed Detox Bath.