Traditional Thai Genital Massage for Erectile Dysfunction


Karsai is a natural, holistic approach that does not use Western medicine, which may lead you to use viagra or have surgery, for example. Besides fixing issues, Karsai can also be seen as a method to maintain your sexual health and prevent disease or issues to happen. Consider it like regular maintenance: you wouldn't want to drive your motorcyle in the wild for thousands of miles until something breaks down, when you can oil the parts once in a while and do proper maintenance along the road.

6. Omsala.


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Karsai : reproductive genital massage - Solla Pizzuto

The result of cleansing the genital system is improvement of blood circulation in the body and specifically blood flow into the genitals and genital area, which benefits functions such as sexual arousal, sexual vitality and balanced hormonal release, with the latter specifically stimulating the sexual and reproductive capacity and functions.

During and right after Karsai massage, it is not recommended to ejaculate. Karsai massage is a therapeutical treatment, and ejaculation might lessen some of the beneficial energetic effects of the massage. Compare it to a solid therapeutical Thai massage: right after clearing blockages in your muscles, you're not supposed to go to the gym and have a heavy work out, rather you should drink a lot of water and take it easy for a moment or perhaps let your muscles relax with a mild swim.

What's better is hard to say, all have their benefits, it depends on your situation. If for example your sexual issue is a lack of libido because you are not with the right partner, you may benefit more from the Indian approaches such as Tantra, to work on your emotional issues with her or come to the realization that you have to find a new partner. But if your weak erection is due to blockages in some of the ducts, Karsai is the right thing for you.