Top 5 Detox Drinks To Safely Pass Drug Test - Sound Health

Besides doing a fantastic job of destroying drug metabolites in your system, this detox product is good at expelling traces of prescription drugs, nicotine, and alcohol. It’s designed for individuals with high toxin exposure, takes 90 to work, and lasts up to 6 hours.

Based on completely natural ingredients, it has the advantage of not being detectable. Essentially, it claims to trigger processes that boost kidney and liver functions which leaves your blood and urine with fewer trace elements that can be picked up in a drug test.

Conclusion: Which Detox Drink Should You Choose ?

This can be achieved by getting certain herbal ingredients into your system to make your liver and kidneys work harder. And that’s where detox drinks come into play.

Oh, and one tip I would give you is not to put any ice cubes in the detox drinks. Given the volume of water you need to drink, that will just lead to brain freeze and an upset stomach.

The flavor is actually OK, but keep in mind that the 16-ounce bottle contains over 500 calories mainly due to its high sugar content.

A lot of people over 200 lbs struggle to find products designed for them, and often that means multiple detoxes to achieve the required result. Stinger claims to have created a formula that is suitable for higher levels of toxins and people of size.