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Many people have phobias of needles, and therefore they avoid acupuncture as a form of unconstitutional torture. The fact is that acupuncture needles are so very tiny that if you close your eyes you wouldn’t even know they were being used. Additionally, they barely touch the surface of your skin and certainly don’t leave needle marks when they’re removed. It’s as if they were never there.

Toxins like mercury are usually fat-soluble. This means that they bond to fat molecules and not to water (molecules will usually bond to one or the other). It should come as no surprise then that toxins are stored in fat cells. This also explains why people who undergo weight loss, who fast for extensive periods, or who exercise excessively sometimes experience symptoms of toxicity. The toxins are released into the bloodstream as the fat is burned off.

Make Strawberry Vinaigrette for the week. Make Mixed Green Salad and enjoy with dinner.

PALEO Cleanse – The Paleo Pact

Does Your Liver Need Help With Detox?

Please feel free to download the recipes & meal plan chart, and copy and paste the prep instructions into a document, then print them out!

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As I went through my old recipes, I found that the majority of them do not meet the criteria for this cleanse. There are a handful that do, and I will be combining those with some new recipes in my upcoming meal plans. I plan to post my meal plans on Fridays, so if you want to wait a week to start your cleanse, you can use this Friday’s plan as a starting point. As always, my plans will include five dinners and a shopping list. I will probably also post some lunch and breakfast recipes throughout the week. I have already started posting everything that I eat over the next 21 days on my Paleo Table Facebook page. Take a look and see what’s working for me. Hopefully, it will make your journey a little easier.