Is an Apple Detox Diet Safe or Effective for Weight Loss

It is possible to do too many cleanses in too short of a time period, so I would always err on the side of caution. If you need to do a colon cleanse more frequently than once a year I would consider changing your diet and visiting a colon hydrotherapist.

I’m pretty sure I read on Dr. Christopher’s site that it can be done with grape juice (or carrot or several others, as long as only one type is used per cleanse). Apple is supposed to be the most cleansing, though.

Though these residues were below the limits set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, children are more vulnerable to pesticide exposure than adults. If your child regularly drinks apple juice, it’s probably best to choose organic (30, 31 , 32 ).

[…] Juice – Apple juice should be taken by people with years and years of an unhealthy lifestyle because it eases the colon […]

In one study, healthy men drank a 2/3 cup (160 ml) of apple juice, then scientists drew their blood. Oxidative damage in their blood was suppressed within 30 minutes of drinking the juice, and this effect continued for up to 90 minutes ( 9 ).

10 Detox Juice Recipes - Weight Loss Cleanse by Audrey Johns

Yes the bloating is very normal. On day one I was extremely bloated and very tired! It wiped me out. I did 4 days in total and after the second day started feeling much better. By the end of day 4 I had lost 8.5lbs and felt fantastic. I plan on doing this diet once a month now. I was never hungry on this diet, and totally recommend it.

Here is a colon cleanse I have used in the past with good effects. It relies on organic unfiltered apple juice — be sure to use unfiltered juice or it won’t work. And don’t stray, or it won’t work. For best results, try to do the cleanse for 3 days, or at least until what comes out is clear liquid.

Emily: If you need to take meds with food during this colon cleanse, I would eat fruit like peaches, pears, or plums. These fruits will not stop up the cleansing process but will buffer your stomach from those meds until digestion.