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047: Will A Liver Detox Help My Skin Rashes?

I’ve worked with too many clients who have terrible flares as a result of not keeping an eye on supporting their liver, and ended up with even worse rashes than before they started.

Essential Oils and the “Detox” Theory.

John…help! im trying to get help with potential toxin poisoning..i believe my roommate is poisoning me..i have suddenly developed serious skin rash all over body (esp. face area) and have heart palpitations and short breath…are these common symptoms of toxin (chemical) poisoning and how do i test to find out…Also, how do I detox my body in the event I am being poisoned ?? please, please help me.

And this ultimately creates a situation where your liver becomes overwhelmed and you begin to feel not so hot.

If you remove ALL toxins from your life (food and skincare), you can establish a near complete detox (taking into consideration environmental factors out of our control).

Though severe allergic reactions are exceedingly rare, any adverse reaction or allergic symptoms should be met with exceptional vigilance—and appropriate medical attention. In the event that symptoms worsen, continued application of the allergen (in our scenario, an essential oil) will only accelerate and exacerbate the body’s allergic reaction.

Today, a well know, rapidly growing group of society (primals) is questioning the consequences from mega doses of daily toxin exposure and quickly looking for natural, toxin free alternatives. What happens…..