The Raw Food Detox Diet is About More Than What You Eat

The Raw Food Detox Diet - Digestive Health Center

Eat fruit only on an empty stomach and in the mornings. Never combine fruits with anything else except raw vegetables. Abstain from eating fruit after dinner or any meal.

Natalia takes you through her cleansing system, her reasons for juicing, and most importantly, her raw food combinations. Not eating certain things is challenging no doubt, but combining foods with new rules is an ever-present difficulty for me. The most difficult modification has been the Fruit Rules, as I call them:

Recommended Foods.

Dieters undertake a series of questions in order to determine which level is the most suitable for them to commence the diet with.

The Raw Food Detox Diet.

The big question is — does good food really need to be raw? After all, who knows how healthy those cavemen really were?

Food combining is an important aspect of this program and dieters are guided in how to choose ‘quick exit combinations’ that Rose says will lead to improved digestion and elimination.