Meditation for Detox: Meditation with Tea

Practicing being present will help clear out Quantum Toxins from your mind. You will begin to be able to use your energy and attention to stay present and be more productive. This practice will also help you be more aware of the decisions you are making about what you eat. Practicing this simple 5-minute meditation is a great way to help clean the mind, body, and strengthen your ability to stay present and anxiety-free throughout the rest of your day.

Fear is a large inhibitor when it comes to trying new things. What if I do it wrong? What if I’m not good at it? Take the fear out by familiarizing yourself with the basic goals of a regular meditation practice and then realize that practice is just that: practice. No one is 100% right all the time.

When you find yourself consumed by your monkey mind, try for a second to separate your attention from your thoughts and re-focus it on the present. Ask yourself:

Detox your mind - Detox-Meditation für Klarheit und

I recall the first time I did a body detoxification. I broke out with red spots that took about two weeks to go away completely. In hindsight, I believe that the skin reaction was a result of my body getting rid of toxins. The toxins weren’t going away on their own, I had to force them leave by making changes. It’s the same way with our minds; they need breaks. We need to give our minds the opportunity to work through things, to heal, and to get better.

Detox Your Mind: The Power of Meditation.

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By re-directing our attention to our body and breath, we reclaim that wasted energy. It may be hard to remember to do this in difficult situations. Start with easy ones. Then try to do it in harder and harder ones. My personal experience is that if I am even present for a split second, and remember to redirect my attention into my body, immediately the energy of the situation shifts. When you become more present, others in the room feel it as well.

Meditation is to our minds what smoking cessation is to our bodies. We start thinking at a very young age. And once we fully indulge in the practice, we think endlessly. Our minds are flooded with a non-stop barrage of thinking and reacting.

Welcome back to our four-day healthy detox. Yesterday, we taught you how to literally stretch toxins out of your body. Today, we're here to help you get rid of those negative thoughts that can creep through your head. You're awesome girl—don't even doubt it!