Detox Headache: Causes, Symptoms & Natural Remedies

Detox headaches are often caused by your body’s reaction to missing an item, such as sugar or caffeine, that was habitually present. This may result in:

Meditation can also be a powerful tool when it comes to your long-term conquering of the addictive cycle.

When you start your detox you are full of enthusiasm. This is great, we need this gusto to keep us going through the first few days resisting cravings and listening to tummy grumbles!

7 Natural Remedies for Detox Headache - detoxopedia

Going on a detox or cleanse is about adjusting your diet or lifestyle for a more positive and healthy one. It is only a detox at the beginning while your body rids itself of toxins. After the initial detox period all you have to do is maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, allowing yourself a treat but not overindulge, therefore not having to start from scratch again. Remember sugar is so addictive… eat more greens to reduce the sugar cravings!

3. Take a Shower or Sauna.

Detox Headache –

When you stop to feed your body with unhealthy toxic foods, processed foods, and addictive foods, your body starts to show strong reactions known as withdrawal reactions.

How to Avoid or Alleviate a Detox Headache?

A magnesium deficiency can also cause migraines, so it is said that taking magnesium supplements are a good preventative measure. Magnesium also helps with digestion, which works amazingly well for detoxing the body and getting things going (if you know what I mean).