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If you are craving carbohydrates, cinnamon tea is a good way to dampen the craving. And as a snack, try some baked potato chips with no oil. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables. Eat less salt as this is what can cause you to retain fluids , giving you that puffy look that you are trying to avoid. Use herbs and spices to flavour your meals instead of fats and sauces. Herbal teas are a great in a detox , flavorsome way to up your water intake Gets lots of sleep, so that your body is able to recharge itself. Book in regular massages. Massaging the muscles speeds up the release of toxins from the body.

Claire applied an organic green clay and cucumber mask to my face before working her way down to my feet for a reflexology massage, thumbing away at the hours spent walking, standing and running.

Detox Massage.

A great way for you to support your detox is with vitamin packed juices. Don’t go overboard, but one fresh squeezed juice each day can help your body with extra nutrients and extra energy.

Claire, my massage therapist, arrived right on time, massage table and iPod in hand. After she had set up, Claire instructed me to make myself comfortable on my lounge and then produced a hot foot soak with peppermint and lime to rejuvenate my tired feet.

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Massage is a sensational way to clean out the toxins in your body, as it works on your lymphatic system, increases the blood flow around your body, helps with your digestive system and generally pumps your body full of endorphins and other feel good chemicals the healthy way.

After they’d soaked, she patted them dry and got me to lie on the massage table where she began the second part of my detox, treatment a full body aromatherapy massage with essential oils that Ali makes herself.

I chose the detox one as I thought that would be a great way to rejuvenate my body after six months of really hard work and effort.