Detoxing The Liver and Colon In Cancer Treatment

The liver is actually the largest internal organ in the human body, taking up almost the entire upper right section of the abdomen.

Healthy Liver, Healthy Body Completing a liver cleanse or a colon cleanse can be a positive and rejuvenating experience. As you support and improve liver health, you effectively increase your body’s ability to detoxify itself, leading to enhanced well-being. Bruce Fife, ND and author of the well-known text The Detox Book , wrote that a liver cleanse can result in a whole host of positive results.

Why You Must Detox Your Liver and Your Colon at the Same

Liver Cleansing or Liver Flushing, Facts you Need to know.

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Liver Stress As a result, the liver assumes a large portion of the burden for detoxifying our bodies, and it typically does a pretty miraculous job of it! All the same, the liver can only handle so much “work,” and it is not uncommon for the organ itself to become rife with toxins over time. When this happens, the liver’s ability to carry out its vital functions decreases, and the liver becomes vulnerable.