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You should also be prepared to experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms during the detox process and whilst this is completely normal as your body readjusts to life without the substance, it can be very difficult to manage.

The First Hours of Alcohol Detox. Cravings are some of the first symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, and a definitive sign that the body is beginning the detox process.

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Holistic solutions to healthcare are becoming an increasingly popular choice and there are many options for this type of approach when it comes to dealing with detoxing from drugs or alcohol. This type of treatment aims to work with both the mind and the body to achieve effective results and can combine a variety of activities and treatments during detox and rehab.

The risk of seizure remains high, in some cases, for several days after the last drink. Therefore, it is vital to your treatment course that you begin with detox and have all of the alcohol removed from your body first. Beginning treatment for alcohol abuse after safely completing detox is the best way to set yourself up to maintain sobriety — that way, the most physically uncomfortable part is over, and you can focus your efforts on recovery.

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