3 day juice cleanse with Jutox.

The Ju-Tox detox comes in a three and five day package comprising of four juices to take everyday. The thumb of rule is that food is not allowed during the detox, nor caffeine or fizzy drinks. As daunting as that sounds it’s part and parcel of the ‘cleansing’ process and as the information leaflet states – no one said it is going to be easy, but it will be worth it.

I can honestly say that I have not gone a day in my whole life were I haven’t eaten anything, let alone 3 full days! I imagined some late night, sleep walking jaffa cake munching to be honest, but I was very pleasantly surprised. Before starting the program I took the time to study me from top to toe. How bright were my eyes?, Does my skin feel dehydrated?, What’s going on with the spots on my chin? How does my digestion feel, is there bloating?

At the end of my detox I felt refreshed and lighter, though at times I felt slightly tired, but I achieved what I set out for – skin is clearer and stomach has deflated.

3 Day Juice Cleanse : Detox, Nourish, Rebuild - The

Lastly, my 6pm juice was the Blueberry Blast. This juice, being my favourite, contains blueberries, pineapple, strawberry, raspberries and apple making it a great antioxidant drink.

My second juice of the day – taken at around 12pm – is the Orange Booster which contains carrot, ginger and lemon. Carrots are said to be one of the top detoxifiers of the vegetable world and this juice is a great remedy for fluid retention, sluggishness and all-round feeling of tiredness. A very refreshing drink and the garlic gives a great kick to the juice.